Sigi Angerer was a long-time chief pilot of the Flying Bulls with more than 24,000 flights on 70 different aircraft types, from the Corsair to the B-25 and Business Jets to the Dash 7 from Tyrolean Airways.

In 1990, Angerer flew a Vought F4U Corsair at an air show in Innsbruck, Austria, when Dietrich "Didi" Mateschitz, the creator of energy drink Red Bull, saw him fly, and as Angerer folded his wings, Mateschitz said: "Red Bull gives you wings - the plane fits perfectly with our slogan "! This was the beginning of a friendship between the two founders of the Flying Bulls.

The headquarters of the Flying Bulls is located in the Austrian Alps and includes the globally admired Hangar-7. Hanger-7 has a unique collec-tion of aircraft with rarities such as the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, a North American B-25J Mitchell, an Chance Vought F4U-4 "Corsair" and a Douglas DC-6. No less impressive is the helicopter fleet: the Flying Bulls include two BO 105s, the world's only aerobatic helicopters approved for aerobatics, and helicopters like the Bell Cobra, which have a glamorous past.

It has always been a dream of Angerer to get an Alpha Jet fleet, but that was no easy task as the Bundeswehr did not sell to private individuals. In 2001 Angerer's dream became reality when the Flying Bulls were given the opportunity to buy two Alpha Jets directly from the manufac-turer. These Alpha Jets were the first of their kind to be demilitarized and approved for civilian use. The Alpha Jets were put into operation in Europe.

In 2012, after almost 45 years as chief pilot, Angerer announced his resignation and handed over the management to Raimun Riedman. Angerer has passed on his love for flying to his son Daniel, who is sitting in the cockpit of the "Bulls" from Salzburg today.